Consultant for writing CIP 2020 annual report (C-21-18)

Job Description

This is a remote position.

The International Potato Center (CIP) is seeking an experienced consultant with a high level of commitment to assist with the CIP 2020 annual report, which will require interviewing scientists, information collection, story writing, and strong involvement in the editing process in coordination with the Head of Communications and Managing Editor.


–          Write, edit and finalize the 2020 CIP annual report based on guidance to be provided by CIP’s Head of Communication and Managing Editor (80 working days).

–          Provide 2-3 key messages for each story by target group: funders, scientists, policy makers, and beneficiaries

–          Offer 2-3 suggestions for infographics per story (six stories in all) highlighting key findings and statistics

–          Provide 6-7 social media messages (with relevant hashtags and partner handles) per story for each of CIP’s social media platforms: Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn


2020 Annual Report and social media support (60 days)1 August 2021
Support to general publishing and events (20 days)1 August 2021


The consultant shall have the following competencies, skills and experience and/or shall have successfully demonstrated these attributes:

·        –  Master’s degree or higher in a social science or environmental field

·         – +20 years of expertise in writing reports and specialty in writing and editing about agriculture

·         – Knowledge of CIP and agriculture


·         This consultancy contract is for up to 6 months

·         The payment is a fixed and consolidated fee.

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