Press Statement on the Opening of 2021/2022 Academic Year at Malawi University of Business and Applied Sciences (MUBAS)



The Malawi University of Business and Applied Sciences (MUBAS) would like to inform all students and the general public that the 2021/2022 Academic Year will commence as follows: –

Innovate. Create. Generate

(a) First Year Students – Generic
Arrival Date: 16th January, 2022
Orientation: 17th to 21st January, 2022
Registration: 24th January, 2022 to 7th February, 2022

(b) Mature Entry Students
Arrival Date: 20th January, 2022
Orientation: 21st January, 2022
Registration: 24th January, 2022 to 7th February, 2022

(c) Diploma Students:
Arrival Date: 21st January, 2022
Orientation: 22nd to 23rd January, 2022
Registration: 24th January, 2022 to 7th February, 2022

(d) Continuing Students
Arrival Date: 23rd January, 2022
Registration: 24th January, 2022 to 7th February, 2022
Both old and new students are being advised that classes will begin on 24th of January,
2022 .

All the new students are being requested to take note of the following:

1.0 Directorate of Students’ Affairs
This is the office which the University has designated to deal with all students’ welfare
issues. Students are requested to bring all their issues to this office for guidance and

1.1 Students’ Credentials
On arrival, all new students shall be given a package containing information that all
students must have before the orientation. The information includes on how the students
would activate their students’ credentials in the Student Management Information System
(SMIS). The University computer laboratories in the School of Engineering Building and the
WET Building shall be open for the students to use to activate their credentials in SMIS.

1.2 Students E-mails
The University students’ e-mails shall only be activated once the students have activated
their portals.

1.3 Payment of University Fees
All students shall be required to pay their fees with any branch of National Bank using the
student account numbers which shall be contained in the package that students shall
receive. The University does not receive any cash for fees payment.

1.4 Student Accommodation
The University has very limited accommodation. Only those students who have been offered University accommodation shall be allowed to access University hostels. The cost of University accommodation is K40, 000.00 per semester and must be paid in advance.

1.5 Student IDs
It is a requirement that every student should have a student ID. The IDs will only be
provided to students who will have activated their accounts on arrival at a fee of
K3, 000.00. In the event that an ID has been lost, the student will be required to pay a
replacement cost.

1.6 Personal Security
Students are being advised to make sure that they take care of themselves and their
property. Students are strongly advised against walking alone at night when returning to
their respective places of residence and using unsafe shortcuts to the University or using
taxis that they are not familiar with.

1.7 Orientation Programs
st All 1 year students shall be required to attend all orientation activities. The orientation programs have been designed to assist new students to settle down easily in their new
environment and familiarize themselves with the University life.

1.8 Medical Services
The University runs a health facility which is located within the University next to the
School of Engineering. All students who feel unwell are encouraged to visit the facility
which offers a wide range of services. However, all students shall be required to register with University of Malawi Medical Scheme at a date to be arranged.

1.9 COVID-19
As all students are aware, COVID-19 is real and we would like to encourage students who
feel sick or have symptoms like sore throat, fever and loss of appetite to visit the facility for COVID-19 screening. All students are being encouraged to adhere to COVID-19 preventive

1.10 Catering Services
There are a number of units within the vicinity of the University which offer catering
services to students. A special appeal is being made to students to ensure that they access
food from reputable services for their well-being.

1.11 Offer Letters
Offer letters can be collected from the Registry for those students who might have failed to
collect them in advance. Students are therefore requested to submit their acceptance
letters to the Registry upon arrival.

1.12 Students on Loan
Students can liaise with the office of Director of Students Affairs to check if they have been
considered for a loan. In case a student needs to appeal to the Loans Board for having
being left out, the Director of Students Affairs will be better placed to advise on the

1.13 Registration
All students are required to register within the first two-weeks after the commencement of
classes. Students who fail to register within the specified period will not be allowed to
proceed with their studies.

1.14 No Fees, No Registration Policy
The University has a policy of “No Fees, No Registration”. May we appeal to all students
to pay their fees in full or in installments. The University allows students to pay their fees in
four (4) equal installments.

1.15 Communication with the University
Students are being advised that the University communicates through the noticeboards
placed around the campus and through the University students’ emails. Students are being advised to have the tendency of checking on new communication on both the
noticeboards and emails. Equally, students are also being requested to refrain from
removing notices from the noticeboards.

1.16 Student Support Centre
There is one stop shop that provides support to all the services students may need. Kindly
make use of this facility which is located in the new ODeL Building.

1.17 ICT Gadgets
In view of the increasing numbers of COVID-19 cases in Blantyre, the mode of delivery will
be blended, thus, online and face-to-face teaching. For effective online teaching, all
students are being encouraged to make sure that they have a proper ICT gadget which they
can use, such as a smartphone, tablet or laptop.

1.18 University WIFI
There is a University WIFI both on main campus and Chichiri. You will be required to use your credentials to access the WIFI. Kindly note that you shall be allocated a quarter for
your use during each month and should you deplete your allocation, you will be required
to buy your own bundle for the online classes.

1.19 Applicable fees
The Applicable fees for the 2021/2022 academic year are as follows:
Generic Students: K400,000,00 per year
Mature Students K900,000.00 per year
Economic Fee-Paying students K 3,789,451 per year,
Diploma Students K400,000.00 per year

1.20 Banking details
Account name: Polytechnic Revenue
Account number: 737461
Bank name: National Bank of Malawi
Branch: Chichiri

Students are reminded to indicate student account number on the deposit slip and also note that payments can be done through cash deposit or Mo626. This is the only mode of fees payment for the University.
Management would like to wish you all the best as you start the new academic year and a new life for all our new students with the most dynamic University in Malawi.