Request for Proposals: Strategy Technology Advisory and Managed IT Services

******Please send proposals to no later than 5:00pm EST on March 12th, 2021. No proposals should be submitted via this portal.******


Last Mile Health (LMH) is a mid-size international NGO with employees across 6 countries (Liberia, Malawi, Ethiopia, Uganda, Sierra Leone, and the United States). LMH has relatively standard business IT needs. We currently have 5 IT staff based in Liberia who manage on-site hardware and help desk support. However, we currently have no IT management outside of Liberia and seek to strengthen our infrastructure and capabilities.

LMH is seeking a partner to provide long term strategic IT advisory and operational leadership as well as an assessment of LMH’s current IT environment. Competitive candidates for this RFP should be able to provide managed IT services across our organization including deploying cybersecurity, disaster recovery services, data backup, and device management across our entire organization; systems administration for core corporate business systems; and help desk and employee support outside of Liberia.

Specific services we’re looking for

Across all 225 employees

  • Assessment, deployment, and management of a cybersecurity program
  • Assessment, deployment, and management of a data-backup program
  • Assessment, deployment, and management of endpoints, patching, and 200+ device remote management
  • Systems administration for core business systems, including G-Suite, communications tools, Office 365, and file sharing; potential for additional systems administration related to Salesforce and Netsuite.

Across 70 employees based in the U.S. and across Africa (excluding Liberia)

  • Technology onboarding, including hardware purchase and set-up (inc. vendor and price recommendations), systems assignment, hardware shipment, and training
  • Help desk support related to individual employee hardware and software needs
  • Asset management

For Global Services leadership (as needed)

  • Assessment and deployment of new enterprise systems
  • Development and advice on technology policies, including policies related to: cybersecurity, hardware and software usage, internet and email usage, data storage best practices, best practices, ownership, data use agreements, data privacy, and acceptable use; advisory on applicable laws, codes, and regulations.
  • Ability to provide technology analytics, including data on performance, threats, and usage.
  • Advisory on IT budget and planning, project management, disaster recovery, process improvement, procurement and vendor management
  • Advisory on staffing capacity required to provide support to a managed IT service in diverse geographies and remote locations
  • As needed employee training and capacity building topics may include
    • Training on how to use systems for general staff
    • Training on systems for IT staff and administrators
    • Anti-phishing training
    • Cyber security best practices
  • As needed consulting on business technology needs

Prefered Specifications

  • A multiservice firm
  • International presence and experience in Africa or with INGOs; alternatively ability to sub-contract or partner with local firms.
  • Focus on small to mid sized organizations, and / or non-profit organizations
  • Headquartered between Eastern Standard Time zone and East Africa Time zone

Include in your proposal

  • Services your firm can provide, broken down by geography or category, if applicable
  • Internal resources your firm can bring to support Last Mile Health
  • Review of any experiences working in Africa, internationally, or with non-profit organizations
  • Proposal, including timeline and itemized costs, for the following:
    • An assessment of LMH’s current IT systems and capabilities
    • Executing the managed IT services described in “Specific services we are looking for.”
  • Outline of the challenges and risks you would expect to encounter while supporting LMH

We recognize that all firms may not be able to provide the services described here. Qualified firms should still submit a proposal and describe your recommendations for meeting the services you cannot provide.


Employment Type: Consultancy

Location: Multiple Countries

Category: International Jobs

Deadline: March 12, 2021

Company Name: Last Mile Health