Software Solutions to Compile Annual Financial Statements (RFI)

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Software Solutions to Compile Annual Financial Statements (AFS)

The Development Bank of Southern Africa (“the DBSA” or “the Bank”) is a Development Finance Institution (“DFI”) wholly owned by the Government of the Republic of South Africa (“the shareholder”), with a mandate to finance infrastructure projects across Africa. This is achieved primarily through providing debt financing to infrastructure projects in the markets within which the Bank operates.

The Bank also plays the role of infrastructure implementation agent on behalf of other governmental parties. The Bank also manages funds on behalf of third parties

Request for Information – Purpose
The purpose of this RFI is to gather information and explore software solutions available to produce and compile Annual Financial Statements (AFS). The main requirement is to obtain an understanding of the technical specification and functionalities that available software solutions provide. For reference, the DBSA latest financial statements can be found at the following link: https://­­InvestorRelations/­Pages/­DBSA-Annual-Reports.a­spx

General Requirements
The purpose of this document is to request for information on available software solutions that can provide and compile Annual Financial Statements (AFS). Below is a list of proposed functionality from the DBSA requirements. Vendor may submit their full set of functionalities of their proposed software solution.

General functionalities includes, but not limited to
• Full set of AFS produced per IFRS requirements, including notes;
• Continuous updates provided to ensure alignment in accordance with amendments to IFRS;
• Ability to insert additional notes and tables on the AFS;
• Ease of inserting / amending notes ensuring that cross referencing is still valid;
• Ability to have validation checks built-in (i.e. cross referencing, casting, cross casting, spell check, completion of section, etc). A report on status of validation for management review;
• Export and import of schedules and / or notes from files shared with other team members;
• Ability for collaboration where various members can complete certain section assigned to the AFS simultaneously. This can be either in the form of schedule/notes/­tables that users need to complete that can be consolidated by a super user or all users having access to the system to update their assigned sections/task/note/­tables;
• Ability to automatically update the AFS with upload of the detailed Trial Balance;
• Ability to share electronic AFS with the auditors.

The service provider should also share the training that it provides, including use of local skills. The service provide should also state, if it is willing to provide a demonstration of their software solution.

a) Bidders that wish to submit a tender response must send an email to copying indicating their participation;
b) This must be done three (3) working days before submission date;
c) Bidders will thereafter receive a OneDrive Link to submit tender documents electronically.
d) Closing time for the OneDrive Link submissions – 22 FEBRUARY 2021 AT 23h55 (Telkom Time).

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